Boooo College!

I just finished writing my third, twenty-five plus page paper about television for the semester. Can I get a hallelujah?!  These papers among other senior year of college activities (like napping and pub nights) have kept me from this blog for far too long. My sanity and my scholarships thank you for bearing with me and my lack of updated posts. I haven’t even had the time to watch tv (GASP!), let alone write about it, but that is all about to change!! Just because it is the summer break for many of your favorite TV shows does not mean that I will be taking a break from my blogging duties, so stay tuned.

OH–and we still have seven or so episodes left in GoT. Once I fully catch up, expect plenty o’ recaps.





Top 7 Reasons Why I want to be one of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt’s Triplets

Top 7 Reasons Why I want to be one of Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt’s Triplets

7. Ben (who’d be my dad) currently possesses an Iron Throne replica. Coolest. Dad. Ever. (Sorry to my real dad, but COME ON! He owns the freakin’ Iron Throne. You can’t compete, Mikey).


6. Leslie Knope would make the best school lunches. Each day would be a cuisine from a different part of the world. I’m thinking ‘Mediterranean Monday’, ‘Tapas Tuesday’, or ‘Fusion Friday’ (where Leslie gets a little creative with her food choices). And EVERY Wednesday would be ‘Waffle Wednesday’ with extra syrup.


5. Having Andy as an uncle would be awesome because he is ginormous kid. And having April around would be cool because she could take care of any bullies who give me trouble.


4. I could expect fine crafted wooden knick-knacks as a birthday present each year from Ron Swanson. And they would be awesome. Every time.

3. I would have the thick and rich hair genes of Ben Wyatts (which I currently need because I’m a balding, 21 year-old woman. Not really but really) combined with Leslie Knope’s pretty eyes. I’d be effing gorgeous. And I would have brothers and/or sisters who look just as good.


2. Birthday parties would be awesome. I would sit on the throne (see #7) and call myself Queen of Westeros and behead any other child who dare fight me.

1. Because you’d have the best possible fictional parents that a child could have (at least since the Huxtables)



Aidy Bryant is the greatest

I don’t quite know when it happened, but Aidy Bryant became my new favorite, current SNL cast member recently. Maybe it’s because she played Tonkerbelle, who was seeing the mouse Gus-Gus from Cinderella whom my lovely cat is named after. Maybe it’s because I could imagine being in a book club with her (you know, the ones where you drink too much wine and gossip the whole night and no one utters a word about the book). And maybe it’s because she is just freaking hilarious. I’m gonna go with all of the above.

Check out these promos for the upcoming show with host, Seth Rogen. I’ve never loled so much at series of 8 second clips.

The “Mindy Project” Doubled-Feature tore my heart out and ran over it with that creepy bus the doctors bought.

The “Mindy Project” Doubled-Feature (4/8) tore my heart out and ran over it with that creepy bus the doctors bought. The whole Mindy-and-Danny-relationship-plotline had been building for ages. Everyone could see it from a mile away and they LOVED IT. The couple was cute and cuddly and all brilliant because they are doctors. I was excited to see where this relationship went.



BUT NO! I can’t have anything nice anymore, can I? With HIMYM, Psych, and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland being done FOREVER, I was excited to replace them with a quirky sitcom about a gynecologist and her love life. I was so ready to make this my new number one (obvi tied with “Parks and Rec”). But now, I’m not so sure. I’m scared of what they will do next. I mean, if Mindy and Danny can break up after only, like, two episodes, what’s stopping them from bring Josh Peck back as Ray-Ron (please don’t) or killing off Morgan? Nothing. Because the writers clearly don’t care about my emotional well-being.

This break-up is just plain wrong, especially after such a crazy, epic, two season build-up. And I won’t stand for it. That being said, I’m totally stoked to see how the rest of this season plays out. #MINDYANDDANNYFORLIFE

Louis C.K. is pretty cool

For those of you who missed Louis C.K.’s opening monologue on SNL, get with the program. It was a pretty impressive set and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Especially since he didn’t do a stupid show-tune that SNL does when they have nothing better for an opening. C.K hit on the topics of God, sexism, politics, and white privilege in an eight minute time frame. While he violates most of the rules of conversation at a good dinner, I’d still love to break bread with this man. Check it out!!